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getting away with sex during the holidays
Getting Away With Sex During The Holidays - The holidays are here and I've got some tips on getting it on when visiting the family.
The Woes Of A Dry Pussy - Lubrication is a VERY important thing to a woman's delicate flower. Lube it up and avoid the woes of a dry pussy! Find out how Kinky Katie keeps her's slick.
10 Simple Seduction Tips - Some simple tips for seduction from Kinky Katie fetishist and radio show host. Nothing too complicated, easy to try tips!b
Fetish Con 2015 - Kinky Katie breaks down Fetish Con 2015. Lots of pics and links of this years festivities. If you weren't able to make it see what you missed!
5 Fun Fetishes You Need To Try - 5 fun fetishes that everyone should at least try before they die. I bet even my most "vanilla" readers will find at least one they will like!
Heat Up Your Summer Sex With Ice - It's such a "no brain er"! Summer is hot, ice is cold, and temperature play is SO FUCKING AWESOME! Rediscover just how HOT ice can be!
5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With a Vibrator - Kinky Katie shares a few "tricks" you may not have realized you can do with your favorite vibrator. Not all are sexual!
The Ups and Downs of Oral - It's no secret almost all men enjoy receiving oral sex. The same is NOT true for a lot of women! Find out why some women don't, and some never will!
Sex and Food - Sploshing
Sex and Food – Sploshing - Sex and Food, not always a great combo, but it can be. Welcome to the delightfully messy world of "Sploshing"! Learn more about this sometimes sticky fetish
What Kind of Dick Are You? - What kind of dick do you have? Want to know what your dick looks like compared to other men, but don't want to look at lots of dick to find out? Read This!
4 Perks Of Being Promiscuous - Girls, It's OK to sleep around! Here are 4 Perks Of Being Promiscuous, so get that large count box of condoms, a giant bottle of lube , and have some fun!
My First Fetish Party - The story of the first fetish party Kinky Katie ever attended! if you've every thought of attending an event, get a quick peek at what's in store for you!
How To Talk To Girls Online - Should be more like "How Not To Talk To Girls Online". Kinky Katie shares some tips along with some actual conversations with those she has blocked.
Body Shaming – Looks Ugly on Everyone - Kinky Katie shares her personal experience with "body shaming" after loosing over 200 lbs. Remember, body shaming looks ugly on everyone!
5 Simple Ways to Perk Yourself Up - Some simple ways to perk yourself up! Short and to the point, can be adapted for men and women.
Swinging Ain’t Cheating - You know you want to bang people other than your spouse! Don't be a cheating DICK! Kinky Katie explains how swinging is much better than cheating. Who wants to be a dick anyway?
How To Make a Porno - I know you've thought about how to make your own porno. Who hasn't? Am I right?? How do you start? I am more than happy to get you moving on the right track
9 Best Sexual Enhancement Products - 9 of the best sexual enhancement products you can find at your favorite adult "toy" store. Put together by Kinky Katie, radio show host and fetishist.
15 Scents That Turn Women On - 15 sometimes surprising scents that turn women on. Some of these will surprise you! Along with 9 scents that turn women off most of which are not a surprise.
4 Must Try Female Masturbation Techniques - Kinky Katie, radio show host, fetishist, and adult film producer shares some of her favorite female masturbation techniques.
Bubba’s Court – Modern Day Witch Hunt - Kinky Katie is going to Bubba's Court to answer allegations of juices left behind in the studio. See what she has to say about the allegations!

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