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Kinky Katie's World #194 - Mutual Masturbation
KKW #194 – Mutual Masturbation - 11/18/2017 Pre Thanksgiving episode hype... Katie gets political, legendary porn star Ron Jeremy accused of sexual harassment in the workplace - the article was too long for Katie to read... If you have ever used my pictures to masturbate, you ...Read more / listen...
KKW #193 – Flying Unicorn - 11/11/2017 Suck it live peeps... The destroyer of tires... Wanna see my pecker? Here it is anyway... Our excuse for not doing it live... Desus and Mero, number 1 on late night ballbags... Nature Boy Ric Flair and his sexual ...Read more / listen...
KKW #192 – Bearded Vapist - 11/04/2017 No sound bars or fucking bells... Katie's favorite subject - herself and upcoming projects... A movie Katie stars in, is now available at Wal-mart, go figure... Katie's rules of entering the mile high club, a story of a couple ...Read more / listen...

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