Kinky Katie
Kinky Katie

Saturday's 9pm - 10pm EST


Join in as we take our Monday show "Kinky Katie's World", and speed it up (squirrel it up)! If you are a regular listener of Kinky Katie's World, you have heard some short clips during our intermissions. Speeding it up not only saves you time, but somehow makes it a lot funnier. Kinky Katie hosts the show every week adding commentary, and a few extra stories. Remember when listening, nothing is "wrong" with the broadcast! It's supposed to sound that way. For those of you over the age of 40, you may want to just have some extra fiber and take a nap, because you're probably going to hate it!

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Kinky Katie

Saturday's 10pm - 11pm EST


Join in as Kinky Katie guides her co-host and her favorite flesh coated play toy Stunt Cock, through the world as she sees it (covered in lube and random bodily fluids). Catch it LIVE for FREE Mondays 10pm - 11pm EST from Rule 34 Studio.

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