#196 – High Tech Anal


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12/16/2017 Do Chinese people really get that tall... Tokyo, the place to go... Katie visits The "D"... Is Chicken, Speed Chicken's Bizzaro ... How to piss Katie off, using only one word... Get a dildo with your friend's face on it... Could you get off while making eye contact with Trump?... Man cries about YouTube not promoting his edgy content... Would you eat at an all nude French restaurant?... Men still try to pick up kids online. Isn't there a TV show all about that... Episode of "Squirrel'd Up Katie"... Thrupple three way couple baby drama... Tits Man - Adult breast feeding relationship... Thanks to Vice men are being convinced into butt play / prostate massage... Hydra tech anal - prostate milk man... Play hot potato with an exploding dick... Where can you find free range porn and what the fuck is it... Net Neutrality could ruin your fake sex life... Get paid to have your face pussy stroked.

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