KKW #194 – Mutual Masturbation


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This week!

11/18/2017 Pre Thanksgiving episode hype... Katie gets political, legendary porn star Ron Jeremy accused of sexual harassment in the workplace - the article was too long for Katie to read... If you have ever used my pictures to masturbate, you owe me a Christmas present... Bootleg butt injections actually worked out for one butt model... Send your friend a message on an actual eggplant... Just move me to Montana and put me to sleep... Ass eating for charity or not at this summer festival... Episode of "Squirrel'd Up Katie"... Katie rediscovers Hentai... Man killed by trying to fuck an octopus... Tits Man - Why woman feel there own boobs... Bribe your high school teacher with your dick... Katie actually walks her pussy outside... Masturbation cured one mans stuffy nose and the science behind it... Jody Foster's Knuckles on tour again... To Mutual Masturbation or not to Mutual Masturbation... New dry humping service now available (just as creepy as you would think).

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