#203 – Fish Dicks


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2/10/2018 Pandering for love... How half naked women might just appear... Underwear run did go off, even without Katie... How do you make delicious looking detergent not look delicious... Burnt idiot challenge... New masturbation glove and how Katie thinks you should use it... I'm going to stick my thumb up your butt... The incredible feeling of tight latex with lube... Episode of "Squirrel'd Up Katie"... Balloon knot shots... Katie breaks down blood play and vampire-ism... Would fuck, and would fuck again... Tits Man - Make these tits smaller please... Do you like fish dicks? Some do and now there is a dildo to fulfill there fantasies. All inspired by the new movie The Shape of Water... More walrus dick needed... Would you fuck a fish... Valentine's Day gift ideas... Enter the contest.


Latest dumb challenge

New and improved sex glove - look up / google sex glove

Real life vampires

If you're a 90's kid, we regret to inform you that, I'm about to ruin your childhood

TITS MAN: 32k tits with death threats

The shape of water inspired dildo - Fish Dicks

Toy ideas for Valentine's Day


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